U can’t talk to ur professor like this

Do interactions between students and faculty in university settings draw from a larger sociological context? Are impeccably proofed, grammatical, formal emails tied to good pedagogy and a liberal credo?

No “LOL”s allowed in this classroom.

What happened to “who”?

Frank Bruni at The New York Times pinpoints a disturbing trend in the political sphere: the use of “that” in place of “who” (instead of saying “people who,” for example, Donald Trump said “people that”).

Doesn’t the “who” pronoun acknowledge our humanity, our personhood—separate us from the flotsam and jetsam out there?

The debate rages on: one or two spaces after a period?

LawProfBlawg at Above the Law argues in defense of two spaces, linking it to a simpler, easier, pre-smartphone time: “I think the single spacing crowd is comprised of people who are always rushing someplace.”

Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl, prefers one space, and notes in Business Insider that most style guides, coding platforms, and typesetters do as well. “Everyone who makes the rules today agrees: It’s a one-space world.”

Another case of old man shouting at kids on his lawn?

Is this discourse simply an excuse for grammatical one-upmanship, or does that one extra space really make a difference?