4 types of innovation and the problems they solve

Innovation is fundamentally about solving problems — and there are as many ways to innovate as there are types of problems to solve. There is no one “true” path to innovation.

We need to start treating innovation like other business disciplines — as a set of tools that are designed to accomplish specific objectives. Just as we wouldn’t rely on a single marketing tactic or a single source of financing for the entire life of an organization, we need to build up a portfolio of innovation strategies designed for specific tasks.

Ask yourself: How well can we define the problem? And how well can we define the skill domain(s) needed to solve it?

Making your unconscious bias training count

While critics of unconscious bias training claim it doesn’t move the needle on diversity numbers and can actually reinforce negative stereotypes, Harvard Business Review  says a thoughtful and carefully planned program can be a useful component of diversity and inclusion efforts.

Training is effective only when designed intentionally to achieve discrete and narrow outcomes.