A second set of eyes

Ask someone to review your work before you send. This rule applies to every document–from a two-sentence email to a book-length manuscript–that will be seen by someone you hope to impress.

I was once asked to provide a caption for a photograph of a Parisian river scene. Unfortunately, I made a tiny error; a single letter was incorrect. The caption read: “After a busy day of sightseeing, there’s nothing more relaxing than a quiet wank by the Seine.”

It would have taken five seconds to have someone review that little gem. Instead, I got three years of ridicule.

3 Replies to “A second set of eyes”

  1. LOL! Good one! I always go for that second set of eyes. Unfortunately, sometimes that can be crippling in that it may slow response time. But I’d rather wait than send a serious screw up such as the example you provided!!

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